Oman – An exotic journey from Muscat to Salalah

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To enjoy this 3D documentary about Oman, remember to wear anaglyph 3D glasses* whenever the symbol appears on your screen. Oman is a country with a long and proud cultural heritage and a land of spectacular visual beauty.

But not too many people know about it. Oman is the oldest state in Arabia. Its history is tracing back thousands of years. Home of Sindbad the Sailor and the biblical Frankincense trade, the Sultanate was one of the earliest nations to establish relations with the west and still enjoys nearly two centuries of friendship.

Through the mythical Arabia Felix, discover the ancient Arabian heritage and stunning scenery in an exotic, unspoiled land. You’ll enjoy bustling Arab souqs whose exotic goods and spice-laden atmosphere will leave lasting memories.

Presented by Katrina Hobbs

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