Full-width Post: Riderless Bike

The driverless car is widely heralded as the transportation method of the future but many critics say there are more efficient and greener ways to navigate through our world. Enter the riderless bike. The small Vancouver, B.C., startup RDRLESS, is banking on the idea that […]

Facebook Video: Facebook Aquila

At 2AM, in the dark morning hours of June 28th, Mark Zuckerberg woke up and got on a plane. He was traveling to an aviation testing facility in Yuma, AZ, where a small Facebook team had been working on a secret project. Their mission: to […]

The Future of Technology in Education

We are facing like never before extreme challenges in economic, social, and environmental. more visit https://amzn.to/3a6DOxO or https://haribshaqsy.com/ It is driven by accelerating globalization and the speed rate of technological developments in this world. Simultaneously, those forces are providing us with countless new opportunities for […]