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Action game.nyou set to work as a freelance pilot in a rondomly generated world. Moving: [Up Arrow] [Down Arrow] [Left Arrow] [Right Arrow]nFiring primary weapon: [x]nFiring rockets: [c]nFiring AA missiles: [v]nFiring...


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Join the numbers and get to the 2048 tile!rnHOW TO PLAY: Use your arrow keys to move the tiles. When two tiles with the same number touch, they merge into one!

2048 Threes

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Welcome to the most successful game of the year - 2048 is the internet sensation! The 19 year old Gabriele Cirulli developed the game on just one weekend to find out if he can program a game from scratch. Since this m...

2D Racer

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a simple 2D combat race game.nunfortunately i ran out of events to make cpu shoot. should not take more than 15min to play through it. [Up Arrow] - acceleraten[left Arrow] - steer leftn[right Arrow] - steer rightn[dow...

2nd Floor Escape

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Escape the Bavarian style home

3 Cards

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Look closely and find the black Ace!

3 Cards to Dead Time

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In late 1929, five people - including Jess Silloway's grandmother - mysteriously vanished and were never seen again. Now a ghostly figure has begun to haunt Jess's dreams. Use your powers of observation and deduction ...

3 Cards to Midnight

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Jess Silloway has just woken up in a mysterious room and does not remember the last few weeks! A stranger tells her that something has caused her to block out the past and will help her remember. Use mystical tarot ca...

3 Days – Amulet Secret

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Help Anna solve an ancient riddle and find a powerful amulet! Travel all over the world, escape tricky traps, and save the world in 3 Days: Amulet Secret! Unravel the mysteries of Stonehenge and plunge yourself into a...

3 Happy Friends

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3 Happy Friends

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3 Keys Solitaire

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Fun Tripeaks type of solitaire card game. Click/tap on cards on the tableau that are 1 higher or 1 lower then the open card(s) top right. Click on the stack (top left) to get a new open card. Unlock extra foundation s...

3 Pyramid Tripeaks 2

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Fun scrolling Tripeaks Solitaire game in Ancient Egypt. Remove all cards by playing cards that are 1 higher or 1 lower in value then the open card (bottom right).

3 Rabbits’ Puzzle

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Enjoy three funny rabbits and complete mosaics!

3 Stars of Destiny

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The evil orc Ozur has discovered some powerful energy that will make him completely and totally unstoppable! It’s up to you to prevent Ozur from gathering this energy as you quest to the 3 Stars of Destiny! Customize ...

300 Dwarves

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300 Dwarves is a tale of an epic dwarven mercenary band featuring beautiful hand drawn graphics, animations and a rich captivating storyline! As dwarven commander you will have access to five basic types of towers and...


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A game about clicking on something...or not? [Left click] - Action

3D Airplane Parking

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Parking games have never been so fun! You can now have a go with a 3D Plane! 3D Airplane Parking takes the best parts of all the most fun games and puts the together in one fun driving package. Get behind the wheel of...

3D Army Tank Racing

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3D Army Tank Racing. Race Your Tank Avoiding Black and Collecting Red and Blue Flags. Keep Off the Grass Verges or You Will Collect Lawn Faults. How Fast Can You Complete Circuit. Arrows to Move Left and Right. Up A...

3D Bike Fun

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Get behind the wheel of this 3D bike and hit the throttle. Can you be the best racer and finish all the levels? Bored of just driving then do some flips and tricks to build your score. Use the arrow keys

3d Chess Set

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Are you a chess fan? Join in the game 3d Chess Set to play the chess. The chess pieces are divided into black and white one. The black and white play chess by turns. If you like the game, don't forget to share it with...

3D Fire Fighter Parking

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Ever wanted to be a Fireman and drive the big truck? Well here's your chance. Get yourself behind the wheel and help to park this fire truck. Well lets go, get to the parking spot in your fire engine without crashing....

3D Jet Ski Racing

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3D Jet Ski Racing. Jet Ski Down River Avoiding Red and Blue Flags. Try and Jet Ski Without Collecting Any Lawn Faults. You Have 60 Seconds to Complete Circuit. Arrows to Move Left and Right. Up Arrow to Accelerate.

3D Logic

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Test your spacial and logic skills in this addicting puzzle game. 3-D Logic looks very similar to a Rubik's Cube, but it is a very different game. Move the cube around to connect a path of like colors, but be carefu...

3D Magic Mahjongg

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Seasoned mahjongg players and novices alike will love the beautiful full-screen display, stunning 3D graphics, and ambient background music of the fabulous 3D Magic Mahjongg. Easy to learn, but hard to stop playing! S...

3D Mahjong Deluxe

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Take Mahjongg to the 3rd dimension in 3D Mahjongg Deluxe! Experience classic gameplay like never before! Carefully remove matching pairs of tiles as you clear away the entire board. Plan ahead or you’ll be stuck with ...

3D Police Car Jigsaw

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3D Police Car is a jigsaw flash puzzle game. There are two game modes to play; time mode and free mode. Time mode, as well as free mode, has three difficulties; easy, medium and hard. In time mode, you can race agains...

3D School Bus Parking

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School bus parking is now 3D! Can you park the bus in every level? Keep your eyes open for the trailer as that needs parking too. A fun filled game of school bus parking Use the arrow keys to drive and F to attach and...

3D Schoolboy Makeover

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Schoolboy Makeover is a fun 3D fashion game. Not only do you get to pick which clothes he wears but you can also set animations and backgrounds. Which outfit will suit each location best? Well you can try them all in ...


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3D TD is exactly what the title says. An action packed 3D, tower defense game. Waves of enemy creatures are after your treasure. You need to build towers, each with different attacks and abilities, to fight off these ...

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