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Alex in Danger

178 Played0 Comments

Help Alex collect gems and laser ammunition while dodging and disintegrating obstacles in this exciting arcade game! Reach the exits in each stage as quickly as possible for the biggest bonus. But watch out for spikes...

Alchemy Swap

230 Played0 Comments

Create lines of magic potions in this fun, fast paced puzzle game!


205 Played0 Comments

Dive into Alchemical and solve the tricky Puzzle! nDive into Alchemical!nDive into Alchemical!nDive into Alchemical!nn

Albert the Dog

214 Played0 Comments

Help Albert the Dog become a full-fledged cosmonaut by having him collect all the stars on an experimental gravitational ramp! Time your jumps just right to earn bonus points and move on to the next challenging level....

Airport Mania: First Flight

189 Played0 Comments

Airport Mania: First Flight puts you in the air traffic controller hot seat at the local airport. Do you have the skills to keep the planes on schedule and the passengers happy? Step up to the control tower and direct...

Airport Rush

225 Played0 Comments

Manage a busy airport!

Airport Mania 2: Wild Trips

195 Played0 Comments

Return to the skies and visit incredible destinations in Airport Mania 2 - Wild Trips, a fun time management game! With whimsical music and visuals made to make you smile you're sure to enjoy the unique locations arou...


197 Played0 Comments

Keep the skies clear by blasting back the balloon invasion in Airborne! Score points bursting balloons and buy awesome upgrades and impressive ammunition to continue keeping the balloons at bay. Don`t let any balloons...

Air Patrol

200 Played0 Comments

Go on an Air Patrol and stop the aliens from invading! Suck up the aliens into your ship and stop them from making it to our world! Click quickly and grab multiple aliens at once to earn huge combo points! nFast-pace...

Agnes II Solitaire

177 Played0 Comments

Not challenged by traditional solitaire? Agnes II Solitaire might be the online card game for you. In this tricky variation, the aim is the same, but the layout is more complex. Build columns down in alternating color...

Agent Orange – Buggy Day

182 Played0 Comments

Defeat the evil Agent Blue by destroying his minions of bugs in Agent Orange – Buggy Day! Blast away and dodge the incoming attacks to finally defeat your nemesis! nFast-paced gameplaynIntense actionnDefeat Agent Blue...

Age of Japan 2

217 Played0 Comments

You are the tutor of the young Emperor, and you must not allow Japan to be destroyed! Travel throughout the land and carry out a mission to reunite the country. Treachery and deception will be your roadblocks. Classic...

Age of Japan

196 Played0 Comments

Enjoy the wonderful Japanese-style graphics in this fun matching puzzler. You can clear the board at your own pace, or race against the clock. Align three or more matching game pieces to make them disappear, and keep ...

Agatha Christie – Death on the Nile

168 Played0 Comments

Hercule Poirot investigates a thrilling murder mystery and must find hidden clues, interrogate suspects, and much more in Agatha Christie's Death on the Nile. Uncover clues and evidence directly tied to the story. Whe...

After Silver Bells

188 Played0 Comments

Find all the shiny bells in order to escape the room!

After Model Cars

203 Played0 Comments

Solve a mystery and escape a room.

After Glow

192 Played0 Comments

Are you a talented space pilot? Then your skills are needed at the helm of the After Glow. Only a top-notch pilot can guide the ship through the complex space mazes and pick up the special power orbs. Use the arrow ke...

After Golden Bells

224 Played0 Comments

Escape with the help of the golden bells!

After Forgotten Bicycles

194 Played0 Comments

Solve the bicycle mystery!

After Fancy Yachts

203 Played0 Comments

Escape the fancy yacht!

African Lodge

204 Played0 Comments

Escape the African Lodge as quickly as you can! nFun gameplaynExciting actionnEscape the African Lodge!nn

Aequilibrium 3

195 Played0 Comments

Take on tricky puzzles in Aequilibrium 3! nFun gameplaynExciting actionnTake on tricky puzzles!nn

Aerial Avenger

208 Played0 Comments

After your colleague is murdered, it is up to you to become the Aerial Avenger and blast your way towards vengeance! Destroy your countless enemies using bullets and missiles, while flying your jet through a dangerou...

Robinson Crusoe

214 Played0 Comments

Inspired by Daniel Defoe's classic masterpiece, Adventures of Robinson Crusoe is a story of a man who survives a terrible shipwreck and finds himself cast away on an island in the Caribbean. In this incredible hidden ...

Adventure Near the Castle

180 Played0 Comments

Go on an Adventure near the Castle and spot Hidden Objects! nFast-paced gameplaynExciting actionnFind the Hidden Objects!nn

Adelantado Trilogy: Book Two

142 Played0 Comments

The story of Adelantado continues in Book Two – get ready for new adventures and unexpected twists! The sequel starts where the previous part left off. Don Diego has found a new path and now he continues his mission....

Abstract Arcade

159 Played0 Comments

Defend your ship and stay alive, while enemies attack you from all sides! Use power ups and SlowMotion to level the playing field in this colorful Shooter. Abstract Arcade also has a unique combo system that lets you ...

Absolute Zero

191 Played0 Comments

Save and destroy! Rescue stranded astronauts and obliterate prowling enemy aliens in this thrilling arcade shooter! Cut your teeth in training mode before undertaking a series of deadly missions with the Akia Space Pr...

Adventure Ho!

177 Played0 Comments

Brave warrior, King Ragnok needs your help. His only daughter, the beautiful Princess Gertrude, is being held prisoner in a castle at the edge of the kingdom. Battle through 10 treacherous lands and countless sneaky e...

ABC Cubes: Teddy’s Playground

201 Played0 Comments

Teddy has been placed in charge of the Appleberry Family`s house while they`re on vacation, and has been promised a delicious reward of homemade popcorn! Unfortunately, with only one day remaining before the Appleberr...

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