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Neverland Game

19 Played0 Comments

Explore the mystery of Neverland as you spot the differences as quickly as you can in this fun and mysterious game! nFast-paced gameplaynIntense actionnExplore Neverland!nn

Negative City

32 Played0 Comments

Explore the Negative City in this exciting game! nFun gameplaynExciting actionnExplore the Negative City!nn

Native Americans Chronicles

38 Played0 Comments

Escape a mysterious room in this exciting Online Game! nEscape a mysterious room!nEscape a mysterious room!nEscape a mysterious room!nn

National Geographic presents: Herod’s Lost Tomb

17 Played0 Comments

Explore the wonders of the biblical King Herod`s lost tomb in this stunningly scenic Hidden Object Game! Follow the intrepid eye of National Geographic as they recreate the mysterious life and death of one of history...

Natalie Brooks: The Treasures of Lost Kingdom

36 Played0 Comments

Famous teenage detective Natalie Brooks is back in an all-new adventure! In Secrets of the Lost Kingdom, Natalie faces the seemingly impossible task of saving her grandfather, a renowned archaeologist, from kidnapper...

Natalie Brooks: Secrets of Treasure House

23 Played0 Comments

Is there a better setting for a Hidden Object adventure game than an old house full of secret rooms and hidden corridors? No! And Natalie Brooks: Secrets of Treasure House has plenty of these and more. Join the game`s...

Nancy Drew Dossier: Lights, Camera, Curses

30 Played0 Comments

Join Nancy Drew in an exciting new production! A beleaguered movie studio is attempting to remake a classic film that cost its leading lady her life. Go undercover on the set to get to the bottom of suspicious press ...

Myth of Poltergeist

19 Played0 Comments

Escape the haunted room!

Mystical Dragons

22 Played0 Comments

Find the mystical dragons!

Mystery of Mortlake Mansion

24 Played0 Comments

An old mansion has been living a mysterious life of its own! Use your Hidden Object talents to explore the dark rooms of the house, and discover the secrets that haunt this eerie place. Meet the talking raven and the ...

Mystery Case Files: Ravenhearst ®

30 Played0 Comments

Rumors surrounding the history of stately Ravenhearst Manor have circulated for decades. The recently acquired diary of Emma Ravenhearst may hold the key to unraveling the tale behind this unsettling place, yet the pa...

Mystery Case Files: Madame Fate ®

27 Played0 Comments

WINNER! #1 Hidden Object Game of 2007nMadame Fate, a mysterious fortune teller, has foreseen her own demise at midnight this very day. She has asked for your help in investigating each quirky carnival worker to deter...

Mystery Case Files: Huntsville

25 Played0 Comments

Do you have a keen eye for detail? See if you can locate enough hidden clues to solve the crimes and become a Master Detective. Mystery Case Files: Huntsville provides players with a collection of intriguing mysteries...

Mystery Case Files: Prime Suspects

33 Played0 Comments

The Queen's Hope Diamond has been stolen! It's up to you to search for clues throughout 22 levels, find the offending culprit, and recover the stolen gem in Mystery Case Files: Prime Suspects. Expand your investigatio...

Mysterious Treasures

43 Played0 Comments

Find all the Mysterious Treasures!

Mysterious Melodies

38 Played0 Comments

Escape the mysterious melodies!

Mysteriez! 2

44 Played0 Comments

Can you handle more number mysteriez? Take up your trusty spyglass and continue your search in this exciting puzzle game! Chase camouflaged numbers through more exciting levels that will push your eagle eyes to the li...


21 Played0 Comments

Try your hand at fine art in Mysteriez, an incredible Hidden Object game! Master the gameplay and progress through countless levels. Gain extra points by keeping your accuracy high, but still finding the different obj...

Music Room Escape

20 Played0 Comments

Escape from the Music Room as quickly as you can! nFun gameplaynExciting actionnEscape from the Music Room!nn

Mushroom Showdown

22 Played0 Comments

Defeat the mushrooms!


31 Played0 Comments

Destroy the Mushbooms!

Movie Theatre Escape

22 Played0 Comments

Escape the movie theatre!


38 Played0 Comments

Move the cubes!

Move the Eggs

21 Played0 Comments

Rescue your egg babies!

Mouse House

39 Played0 Comments

Fun in the mouse house!

Mosaic Tomb of Mystery

36 Played0 Comments

Venture to Ancient Egypt in this stunning mystery-puzzle quest filled with gorgeous effects and endless gameplay! Place shapes and decrypt ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs as you uncover the truth behind the mysterious de...

Monster Buster

31 Played0 Comments

Hunt down the correct Monster as quickly as you can to make him disappear in Monster Buster, a fun Puzzle game! nFast-paced gameplaynIntense actionnHunt down the monster!nn

Monkey’s Tower

42 Played0 Comments

Undo the damage done to the pristine Monkenyan rain forest by successfully stacking fruit tins and outwitting your opponent. Sturdy fruit towers will encourage the growth of trees and allow the apes of Monkenya to ret...

Monkey Stack

27 Played0 Comments

Guide the wind to help stack the adorable parachuting monkeys! Stack them as high as you can to collect fruit and earn points in this fast-paced arcade game. nFast-paced gameplaynIntense actionnStack the monkeys!nn

Monkey Mines

32 Played0 Comments

Find and flag the Monkey Mines to prevent any tragic accidents from occurring! Go bananas solving each level, as you master this Puzzle game. Can you make it to the end and protect the joyful monkeys? nHilarious monk...

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