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Arkandian Crusade

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Make your place in the history of Arkandia.nThrown head first into the raging conflict between heaven and hell you must choose a side and forever change the fate of the world.nDelve into deep dungeons and emerge with ...

Clockworks Parking

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Let us introduce a new 2 players game when it comes to driving cars and parking them onto the right spot. Featuring 12 super fancy, futuristic and quite challenging parking missions, the objective of this 2 players pa...

Juicy Berries

315 Played0 Comments

In this free online game everything revolves around juicy berries and how to collect them. Following the much-loved match3 gameplay you have to look for at least three berries of the same color lying next to each othe...

Pyramid Solitaire: Ancient Egypt

105 Played0 Comments

Clear the pyramid of cards!

Tino’s Fruit Stand

162 Played0 Comments

The opening of a large, unfriendly MegaMart across the street has put Tino's family fruit stand in danger of closing! With a little help from Rikki, the fruit-picking monkey, your job is to help him fill orders and ke...

Tropical Minion

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Tropical Minion is a logic puzzle in which the minions have to deliver tasty fruits with a truck that matches it's color to the appropriate factory. This may sound easy, but the thing is, that once a road is used by ...

Pylea Crux

145 Played0 Comments

Escape from dangerous crooks in this fun and exciting Find the Difference game! Move quickly to get a happy ending! nFast-paced gameplaynIntense actionnEscape from the crooks!nn


333 Played0 Comments

If your brain is itching for a puzzle, Trouballs will satisfy your craving. In Trouballs, you use a set of gears to rotate balls and make rectangles out of balls of the same color. If you match four, they blow up! Wip...

Amelie’s Café: Summer Time

158 Played0 Comments

Help Amelie turn a ramshackle hut into the classiest joint on the island as she caters to a variety of guests, keeps her cooks busy, and racks up big money in Amelie's Café: Summer Time. Earn bonuses as you play by m...

Ocean Catch Match

159 Played0 Comments

Help forgetful Uncle Ned better organize his collection of flotsam by matching them in pairs in this brain-busting puzzle game! Quickly uncover pairs of oceanic objects and speedily match them together before Uncle Ne...

Wild Mirror

129 Played0 Comments

The eyes have it! Find the 10 differences between each pair of mirrored images in this exciting puzzle game! Take your time and examine each pair of photographs closely, the differences can be maddeningly subtle.

Christmas Stories: Nutcracker

140 Played0 Comments

A classic Christmas tale tail, with a whole new twist! Help the Nutcracker rescue the princess from the evil Rat King in this memorable hidden-object puzzle adventure game.nnYou might be too late for the Christmas Bal...

Beyond the Unknown: A Matter of Time Collector’s Edition

127 Played0 Comments

Brought to you by ERS Game Studios, makers of the popular Shadow Wolf Mysteries and PuppetShow series, comes an exciting new adventure!n nnYour grandfather, a famous archaeologist, was lost at sea years ago. He was se...

Honey Words

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Spell some Honey Words in this fun game! nFun gameplaynExciting actionnSpell some Honey Words!nn

Take the Monster Home

164 Played0 Comments

Help a cute monster make his way home in this fun and exciting Puzzle game! Use your wits and time his movements perfectly to get him back into his house. nCute critternTricky gameplaynSave the monster!nn

Cave Escape

171 Played0 Comments

Please help Rudy the miners to get out of the mine, and bring as many diamonds you can get and enjoy Cave Escape.


174 Played0 Comments

Explore space as you blast away enemies and upgrade your ship in Tailgen! Avoid the enemies to succeed and become the hero the galaxy needs. nFast-paced gameplaynIntense actionnExplore space in Tailgen!nn


158 Played0 Comments

Experience ever-changing levels with thousands of solutions! You can even save your games. Enjoy enchanting music and beautiful medieval inspired graphics for hours of puzzle fun. Hurry up, before King Arthur's realm ...

Flip Words

184 Played0 Comments

To beat this addictive puzzler, you'll need to exercise your mental muscles! Start with the first letter of a familiar phrase, then fill in the missing letters. Once you recognize the phrase, you can submit your guess...


163 Played0 Comments

This is a Card Game for Baby. The idea is to present a word and the child must reproduce the word with the cards. First row, this is the word to reproduce.nSecond row contains the letters you have to use.nLast row, Ju...

5 Brain Teasers

179 Played0 Comments

Solve 5 Brain Teasers as quickly as you can! nFun gameplaynExciting actionnSolve 5 Brain Teasers!nn

Super Pong

170 Played0 Comments

two player Pong with changes such as powerups and debuffs and rounded paddles. Made by campers during Game Camp 2014. Left paddle controls:nW = UpnS = DownnRight paddle controls:nUp Arrow = UpnDown Arrow...

The Three Towers

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The Three Towers is a tower defense game. The goal of the game is to defend your pizza from the hungry insects by using your three towers to take them down! You control one tower yourself, while the other two automati...


343 Played0 Comments

Have fun dressing up your characters in this fun game. Also take pictures of your best combinations, beat and share your highscore!

Amerzone: Part 3

163 Played0 Comments

Finish your incredible journey in Amerzone: Part 3! A dying explorer has entrusted you with an egg that was stolen over 50 years ago. Now it’s up to you to return the egg to ensure the survival of the incredible White...

Euro Football Pong 2016

219 Played0 Comments

Get ready to take on the big leagues of one the world's greatest sports games. Block the opponent's ball, score goals for your team to prove you are the best player on the field this season!

Bobble Shooter

128 Played0 Comments

Shoot the Bobbles!

Pink Room Escape

122 Played0 Comments

Escape from the Pink Room as quickly as you can! Find helpful items and use them to leave the eerie Pink Room! nFast-paced actionnIntense gameplaynEscape from the Pink Room!nn

Reincarnation: A Hillbilly Holiday

155 Played0 Comments

Reincarnation: A Hillbilly Holiday or AHH is the second mini in the reincarnation series. It’s a small time killer while you wait for “Let the Evil Times Roll.”n Point and click to send the Hillbil...

Romantic Pursuit

155 Played0 Comments

Go on a Romantic Pursuit in this fun Online Game! nFun gameplaynExciting actionnGo on a Romantic Pursuit!nn

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