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Design Games l Turret

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Design Games l Elements Brige Mouse


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Mahjongg Dimensions Deluxe

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Journey through a symphony of dimensions with Mahjongg Dimensions Deluxe! Reinventing the classic game of Mahjongg, Mahjongg Dimensions adds a 3D twist. Now you can enjoy this brand new game, featuring gorgeous graphi...

Find the cow

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Play hide-n-seek with a cow ! Find the cow by pressing click on the background.

Astro Bugz Revenge

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Protect our solar system from Astro Bugz in this Marble Popper game! Blow up the bugz and save the day in Astro Bugz Revenge! Pick up awesome powerups and annihilate the incoming invaders before they reach Earth and b...

3 Happy Friends

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Alien Abduction II

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Abduct as many humans as possible in this fun action game! Watch out for the Feds or they will take your picture for the tabloids. Hold your "space"-bar down to pick up human or objects to crush the Feds.

Jump Up

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Let your cuddly little raccoon jump up to the sky in Jump Up! - the endless jumping game! This arcade-style platform jumper will test your reaction and timing skill! After the last volcanic eruption the jungle became ...

Piekło diabeł

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pacz i płacz [pacz] + [płacz]

Beetle Bug 3

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The world`s most famous Irish Beetle Bug is back! Help rescue over one thousand of his insect children that were kidnapped on a trip to the grocery store. Luckily, Beetle Bug is hot on their trail in this spunky Pac-M...

Avalon Escape

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Use your wits to escape a mysterious and dangerous dungeon! Find the appropriate items in the room to piece together your getaway and free yourself. Can you make it through to the end and find your way? nGripping ga...


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Help Angelo taxi the new angels, who haven’t received their wings yet, from cloud to cloud in heaven! Dive into this fun Time Management game and complete celestial chores! Angelo is a student angel, who must protect ...

Wendy’s Wellness

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When the city`s last wellness center closes down, Wendy decides it`s time to take action. With just a little help from her gold-medalist uncle, Wendy is on her way. Help her build and manage the spa of her dreams. Upg...

Robot Shooter (Bugged)

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Survive as long as you can against increasing hordes of Robots.nCredit to OcularNebula on Newgrounds for the music. Mouse to aim and shoot. Arrow keys to move.

Cake Shop 2

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Open up your very own roadside caf, and earn money, while treating your customers to delicious fruitcakes with different fillings in Cake Shop 2! Purchase advanced culinary equipment and begin to build your confection...

Zoobies Collapse

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Click on a group of 2 or more of the same connected Zoobies to remove them. Remove all Zoobies to advance to the next level.

Potboy’s Adventure

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Experience Potboy’s Adventures as he travels across a mysterious land! Avoid the enemies and help him complete his journey! nFast-paced gameplaynIntense actionnExperience Potboy’s Adventuresnn


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Collect Stars! Get Strikes!

Azada: In Libro

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Save the three worlds contained inside of a magical book in Azada: In Libro! After being approached by a notary and being informed of an inheritance, you travel off to Prague and find the magical book. One of Azadas g...

Crazy Squirrel

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Tame the Crazy Squirrel and help him collect some nuts! nFast-paced gameplaynIntense actionnTame the Crazy Squirrel!nn


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My first attempt at making a platform rpg game Arrows to move and jump

Treasure of Cutlass Reef

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All the fun of high seas piracy without all the deck swabbing! Win gold and glory battling bucaneers in this exciting arcade game! Lay waste to your enemies and use their wealth to upgrade your ship into a fierce man-...

Nano Kingdoms 2 – Joker’s Revenge

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Return to the epic world of Nano Kingdoms, to defeat once and for all the evil Joker, who has kidnaped the king!.n Use your mouse to control, defeat the rival armies.n

Big City Adventure: London Classic

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Search for thousands of cleverly hidden items around the historic sites of jolly old London in Big City Adventure: London Classic! Collect postcards containing fascinating and obscure facts about London and its histor...

Slide Maze

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Feeling stressed? Let it slide with Slide Maze, a fun online puzzle game that challenges you to slide a ball through 20 puzzling mazes. Use the arrow keys to slide the ball. The ball stops when it hits a wall or a blo...


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Drag and drop the geometric buttons into the proper locations as quickly as you can in Geo. Click and hold a button to place it on the board. Earn 100 points for each button you place correctly. Lose 5 points for each...

Tipping Point

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Another lazy evening at home. Or is it? In Tipping Point, you come home from work to find an urgent message from a strange visitor who needs your help. Solve puzzles and uncover clues to help the visitor and unravel t...

Formula Racer 2012

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More fast paced arcade racing from TurboNuke. Battle through twelve tracks from around the world, over three different race classes, upgrading to faster cars as you go.n Use the arrows to steer and X/N/Space to boost....


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Tons of brain-teasing button puzzle fun!

Mission Planet X

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Evade obstacles and guide your rocket to Planet X!

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