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Lost Souls: Enchanted Paintings

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After the police and FBI come up empty in their investigation, Bella turns to forces beyond our world to find her missing son in Lost Souls: Enchanted Paintings! A mysterious package with no return address appears on ...


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Hungry? Scarf down a token snack as you play Scarfit, a fast-moving online puzzle game. You are the colored arrow, and you need to gobble tokens that match your color. Use the arrow keys to guide your arrow to a token...

Blazing Slimes

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Kill the evil slimes with fire before they overrun everything with evil. nnI also need to cite the maker of the song.nnSong: ImpossibilitynAuthor: SasquaMox Left click to shoot fireballs. Arrow keys to move.

Plumber Soda

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Do you Want to drink soda? You must do something to get your soda! Click on the straw pieces to rotate them and connect the soda keg to the bottle. There are many levels for you to challenge. What are you waiting for?...

Gemollection Players Pack

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Cut chains and use interactive objects to collect jewels!

Sir Bottomtight

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Deep in the deepest jungle lies an ancient city of gold. Brave sir Bottomtight wishes to claim all this wonderful treasure! Run through the jungle, jump over bottomless pits and fight with mad, evil cannibals.

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Try to out hoop your opponent in 60 seconds.

Protect the Pengu!

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Protect the cute pengu!

Art Detective

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John Cromwell investigates high-profile theft for the FBI. He's on the trail of a shadowy figure known as "The Ghost"; an expert thief who steals fine paintings and replaces them with replicas so convincing that most ...

Super Adventure Pals: Battle Arena

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Super Smash Adv - Battle Arena is an action platformer game with great 2d pixel graphics.Become a hero and be part of an epic adventure quest. Your task is to escape from a computer eating mad man. Your best friend, a...

Arizona Rose and the Pirates’ Riddles

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Decipher the clever codes of Blackbeard's treasure maps in Arizona Rose and the Pirates' Riddles. While shopping for exotic antiques, Arizona stumbles across the lost maps of an infamous pirate's hidden treasure. Join...

Rescue Team

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Control the rescue workers who rebuild three islands in the wake of devastating weather! Remove debris to free trapped workers in Rescue Team! Repair damaged restaurants, houses, and sawmills to produce necessary reso...

A Series of Unfortunate Events

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A Series of Unfortunate Events is here and it's your job to halt Count Olaf's trail-of-terror. Stop Count Olaf's unmentionable HORRORS with fire, snake bites, leeches, and other wieldy machinations in this fascinating...

Funny Cars

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Figure out the Funny Cars and get your car out from the wacky parking lots! Move the other cars around carefully to escape! nFast-paced gameplaynIntense actionnFigure out the Funny Cars!nn

Bridge Builder

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Build bridges!

Christmas Stories: A Christmas Carol

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Everyone deserves a second chance – even the stingiest of them all. nnYour Uncle Scrooge asks for your help, but some friendly Christmas ghosts have other plans for him… and you. Undo the bad turns in his life as you...

Ravaged House Escape

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Ravaged House Escape is a point and click escape game developed by are now inside in a ravaged house and unable to find way to exist, so you need to collect some clues and objects like puzzles,broken cloc...

Tales of Lagoona: Orphans of the Ocean

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Welcome to the magical undersea world of Lagoona, to the town of Coral Bay. New Anemone Orphanage is in trouble of being shut down, and it’s up to you to save it. Explore a host of breathtaking, underwater locations a...

Arizona Rose and the Pharaohs’ Riddles

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The clever and daring Arizona Rose is back for her most exciting adventure yet! Deep in the deserts of Egypt, a new temple has been unearthed. Inscribed on its walls are mysterious glyphs - a code, only Arizona can so...

World Mosaics 7

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A shadow criminal has stolen the Sand within the Hourglass of Time from the Agency of Atlantis! Solve pictographic puzzles as you travel the globe in search of a rogue agent. Repair the fabric of time as you travel to...

Curse Village 6

64 Played0 Comments

The zombies have returned and once again you're put behind the barricades the fight off the undead!Use the [1 .. 6] numeric keys to select a weapon. Mouse-click to use the selected weapon. Tips: - Use the [1 .. 6] hot...

Art Mahjongg Egypt

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Start a mystical and mysterious journey through Egypt! Play your way through a campaign full of adventure and hidden lands. Explore the Sphinx and the pyramids or travel along the Nile. Discover hidden portals and joi...

Charm Tale

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Explore a fantastic world and see an enchanting story come to life in this exceptional puzzler from the creators of Magic Inlay. Disenchant the motionless figures covered with mosaics with the help of sparkling pieces...


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Play the new and improved version: Sensou 1.5 – is a fun world domination board game where your objective is to conquer the whole world. Play over 6 lev...

Find My Christmas Gift

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Find My Christmas Gift is an escape game about Christmas. Imagine that you prepared the Christmas gift before the Christmas. However, when you need the Christams gift on the Christmas Eve, you forget where you place t...

Shopaholic: Tokyo

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Hit the streets of Tokyo for an awesome shopping spree but don’t forget about your budget!

Fortune Fishing Game

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Rack up combos of fishes!

Shooter Game

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My first game arrow key to movenleft click to shoot

Adventure Ho!

25 Played0 Comments

Brave warrior, King Ragnok needs your help. His only daughter, the beautiful Princess Gertrude, is being held prisoner in a castle at the edge of the kingdom. Battle through 10 treacherous lands and countless sneaky e...

Searching for the TRUTH

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Search for the truth! nSearch for the truth!nSearch for the truth!nSearch for the truth!nn

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